Cliques become inclusive

“Missing the memo” is a thing of the past

Speaking up means everyone, not just one.

This exists! But how about in your office? Want an environment with open communication?

Imagine a day in the office where…

I can help accomplish that!

Level Comm, LLC teaches and trains customized communication practices and strategies that educate and empower employees to improve performance, productivity and involvement. 

Through executive coaching, manager and supervisor training and interactive employee workshops, lead trainer, Sherhara, helps leaders take interpersonal communication to the next level by creating a culture conducive to open dialogue, collaboration and contribution.

"...What can I say, Sherhara is awesome! She consistently shows up with an infectious enthusiasm and energy that makes every participant want to listen to every word that comes out of her mouth. She’s an articulate, knowledgeable and engaging speaker who really knows how to capture a room. I could not recommend her more; she is easily one of the best speakers we’ve ever worked with.” 

- Nina Reschovsky, Staffbase Head of Marketing


Teaching techniques that are rooted in practical application and strategies will stick. 


Our trainings are more than simple delivery of strategies but the consumption of action. Connecting with your team and providing clear calls to action.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” Maya Angelou.

True Empowerment

Give your team the power to do something and that’s to express themselves and be heard. Teach, connect and empower your team to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas and you’ll gain a community of collaborators.

The Level Comm Method

Level Comm Workshop Topics

Networking for Relationship Building


Mastering the “Shameless Plug”



Perfecting Your Virtual Presence

Here at Level Comm, we specialize in creating engaging communication trainings that educate & empower corporate professionals to effectively contribute, collaborate, & connect.

Objection: Often times the task of entering cold conversations, making connections and leaving an impression can feel overwhelming and exhausting. This session will share how professional and personal values, experiences and aspirations can lead you into genuine connections.

Objection: Undermining our credibility is a career stalling habit. Minimizing accomplishment and achievement undercuts the value of you and those that depend on you for your great work. This session guides you through identifying strengths and how to incorporate them into conversations to build credibility and authority. 

Objection: The principles of being a great speaker find great relevancy in the everyday practice of presenting ideas and communicating effectively. This session provides a fresh take on implementing the “basics” to make improvements in presence, engagement and audience connection in the virtual landscape.

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The New Language of Racism: How to create a more anti-racist workplace

Objection: Ever heard of “Unconscious Bias” or “Microaggressions”? In this session you’ll be challenged on your knowledge and ability to identify egregious comments, statements, remarks, judgements and/or sayings that carry sentiments rooted in racism. By being a participant, you’ll also learn how to confidently navigate the sensitive subjects of racism and other ism’s like sexism, heterosexism, ageism etc.

What Previous Clients Have to Say...

“Sherhara is a bundle of bountiful, beautiful, black energy! Her presence and facilitation inspires people to share, be bold, and take notes! She is able to craft and hold an energetic space - even in a virtual setting, and leave attendees wanting more. I constantly find myself going back to gems she offered throughout her workshop."

Renata Bernard, Medidata Sr. Manager DEI

Sherhara provided easy-to-consume tips and recommendations for developing an elevator speech, improving presence, and engaging others. Sherhara is a wonderful facilitator, instructor, and coach and SynaVoice SOL was lucky to have her!”

Julie Rothhouse, CEO SynaVoice LLC

“Sherhara brought clarity, focus, courage and practical skills to a very necessary component of personal and professional advancement. She is light, humorous, super-engaged, real AND her expertise comes shining through! 

Chief Equity Officer at Abbvie

Communication struggling to thrive?

See if your team suffers from the top #CorpCommKillers. 

Everyday I see professionals fall into habits that kill effective office communication which diminishes collaboration. I’ll explain what these #CorpCommKillers are and how to break them—it’s free!

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