The only mobile public speaking program that goes directly to the homes of women professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Do you struggle with public speaking?



Before Champagne Show & Tell, you...

Ramble and miss the point of what you intended to say.

Strive to connect with gate keepers.

Feel you have to mask and change your own voice to be heard.

Take forever and a ton of words to explain a thought or idea.

Don’t miss a chance to grab the mic, but you often feel like you could have said more or said it better.

Stress over what to say and how to speak with decision makers.

Get done speaking and feel you could have done a better job of captivating your audience.

After Champagne Show & Tell, you...

Learn to speak more authentically

Command audiences with strengthened presence

Impress strangers while exuding trust

Can say what you feel with more ease

Express yourself with confidence 

Share your thoughts and ideas with credibility

Eliminate anxiety, apprehension and doubt

Attract new contacts

Convert new clients

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Public Speaking Workshop



Drop the Facade.

Speak Confidently.

Grow in Business.

If you've made it here...

you’re most likely a former unsatisfied, underpaid and frustrated corporate leader who turned to entrepreneurship (and/or a side hustle) so your talent, skills and voice could thrive without the dismissive and limiting culture of corporate America…am I right?

Yes, because you’ve hit your stride in work you’re ready to elevate and position yourself as the go-to leader in your field.

But Wait! What's missing?

Yes, you’ve felt those moments where your words didn’t match your greatness and intended message. You’re looking for the cherry on top of your professional prowess as you aspire to speak publicly with more presence and power.

What you’ve been lacking is the confidence, credibility and conciseness in your speaking that makes you likable, believable and memorable.

Practice & Improve Your Public Speaking Skills.


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What's a Champagne Show & Tell?

A gathering of, you and your GOALfriends - the women you set and accomplish goals with, where you deliver a presentation (just like show & tell in school) and receive on the spot coaching and feedback to improve your public speaking skills.










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What fellow GOALfriends are saying:

Alicia Williams

Co-Founder of Teach Wake

Danielle Foster

Founder & CEO of Opulent Hair Essentials

Tajuanna Addison

Owner of Spectrum Bartending

Practice and improve your public speaking skills with a Champagne Show & Tell Social

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Ashley Cockrell

Founder & CEO of My Living Spree


You schedule your social


You Become a Host


Invite your GOALfriends to your home or location of choice


Sherhara brings the coaching and champagne

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How Does a Champagne Show & Tell Work?

What makes Champagne Show & Tell so different?

When was the last time you brought your girlfriends together for a wine night, Sunday Funday or even an international girls trip? Yeah, pretty recent. 

Now when was the last time you brought your girls together to invest in each others’ professional growth? Hired a coach to help you all succeed?

For the same amount of dollars (if not less) spent on a Sunday Funday, you and your GOALfriends can leverage your money to gain more than cute pics for the gram.

With Champagne Show & Tell you can gain the skills necessary to speak confidently in business that leads to promotions, prominence and profits!

Champagne Show & Tell makes professional development personal, accessible and affordable. Instead of tracking down a Toastmaster’s club, trekking cross town to be greeted by faces who aren’t invested in your growth and only their own…you can create your own audience of women who care, in the location you choose, with a coach that truly identifies with your communication challenges.

Practice and improve your public speaking skills with a Champagne Show & Tell Social

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Meet Your Coach

I’m Sherhara Downing! Corporate Communication Trainer and Facilitator

As the Founder of Level Comm, LLC, I go in and out of many corporate auditoriums and board rooms training professionals on effective communicating and public speaking. I have trained for Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, JP Morgan Chase and more. 

These types of companies receive my highest most quality services and talent. It’s an honor to call these companies clients but I desire to serve people who I actually keep company with—the people who are like me, challenged like me and do not have the support and resources of the very same companies I have as clients.

I absolutely love what I do! I have fun and it’s my pleasure to make every training opportunity not only informative but also interactive.

The company I keep are women professionals and entrepreneurs who need the very service I deliver to the companies many have departed or juggle full-time with their side hustle. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2006 and I know first-hand the privilege and prosperity I’ve acquired because of my ability to speak publicly and do it authentically!

My public speaking skills have created a professional life that has earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars in business. My ability to teach these skills on the corporate level has earned big companies even more!

It is now my purpose to teach you the same skills so you too can have the same type of professional abundance. Hosting a Champagne Show & Tell social, gives you access to the valuable lessons of powerful and profitable public speaking.

Take the next step in using your voice to propel professionally. Book a Champagne Show & Tell Social for you and your GOALfriends!

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“…Sherhara is fantastic at what she does!”

“Champagne Show & Tell could not have been more educating and entertaining! I got up and actually practiced my public speaking and walked away with an energy of confidence. I knew I needed to invest more time in my speaking skills and Champagne Show & Tell made it fun and easy! And Let’s just say, Sherhara is fantastic at what she does! I was in awe watching here whip us into shape!”

Ashley Yancy

HISD Asst. Principal

“It’s such a rich learning experience!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Champagne Show & Tell. Sherhara creates a dynamic, safe space to practice your communications skills and learn key techniques to enhance your message. I found the direct feedback she provided to me just as valuable as the feedback she gave the other women in the group. It’s such a rich learning experience! I absolutely recommend it!”

D'Anna Wade

Community Affairs Manager, Schlumberger

“I had an amazing time with my GOALfriends!”

“We all feel the need to improve our public speaking skills but I certainly didn’t anticipate on gaining so much at the Social I attended. I left feeling more confident and credible. I also had an amazing time with my GOALfriends! We learned so much from each other. The feedback Sherhara offered was so insightful and relevant! I wish I could keep her in my pocket whenever I speak!”

Christa Clarke

Founder Cubicles to Cocktails



While You're Contemplating investing in yourself

Precious moments to capitalize on opportunities are passing you by. Not taking action for you and your GOALfriends is equivalent to what’s missing in establishing your professional presence and prominence. Invest in practice, so when you speak people really listen.

Champagne Show & Tell is the professional coach you thought about hiring and now you don’t have to absorb the financial investment alone.

Tell your GOALfriends, “Our next get-together, we’re gonna get MORE and we all have to give is a LITTLE each.”









The only mobile public speaking program that goes directly to the homes of women professionals and entrepreneurs.

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